The biggest city in Oregon is Portland, and it is jam-packed with unusual stuff to do that range from plain weird to romantic to adventurous. It is a combination bucket list worthy adventures, distilleries, microbreweries, bustling neighborhoods, and scenic landscapes for everybody. 



Visit the Smallest Park in the World 

You will find Mill Ends Park located in the center divider at the intersection of two streets in Southwest Portland. It is known by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the tiniest park in the world with its 452 square inches.  

The area was really meant for a light pole. However, it was turned into a tiny piece of prime real estate when that failed to happen. The landscape changes infrequently. However, it is now currently a single tiny tree surrounded by a few little green bushes.  

Eat a Bug Sundae at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium 

Who would not want to go to a place called Freakybuttrue Peculiarium? It is jam-packed with creepy experiences and quirks, such as the chance to have your picture taken getting an autopsy from an alien or viewing a dollhouse with a room full of blood.  

Aside from its peculiarity, you could also order a Bug Eaters Delight sundae before you go. It’s topped with real larva of a bug. Your picture would make it onto the Insectarian Club Hall of Fame if you dare to eat it.  

Pose Under the Sigh “Keep Portland Weird” 

The slogan “Keep Portland Weird” is intended to clasp the city’s uniqueness and support local entrepreneurs. You would see the sign on bumper stickers all over the city. However, no sticker is as great as the massive painted wall situated just south of the Burnside Bridge.  

Go to a BrewPub Movie Theater 

What is nicer than a night at the movie theater with delicious popcorn? A night at the movie theater with delicious popcorn and BEER. McMenamins Bagdad Theater is an artifact of the golden age of Hollywood and an area to enjoy a pizza slice while drinking a cold one. Do not worry if you prefer wine, they also have that.  

Smell the Roses at the International Rose Test Garden 

The International Rose Test Garden of Portland is the oldest public garden of its type with a main goal of testing varieties of rose. These are not your usual supermarket of flowers. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes and have peculiar names such as Grand Amore, Walking on Sunshine, and Hot Tamale.  

Eat at a Food Truck 

The industry of food truck in Oregon continues to grow. You could visit a bunch of them that occupies a square block in the town or a solo one in the center of a retail street or a tiny corner. You could head several trucks down to indulge in the Poutine fries at Potato Champion.  

You could also have a historical trolley tour in Oregon if you are a historical person. Check it out here.